Justin’s repertoire consists of a variety of modern music and traditional ensemble music, but his primary focus is on honkyoku, the spiritual music of the komuso. From the honkyoku, he performs and teaches:

-The 10 Kimpu Ryu (aka. Nezasa-ha) pieces and 8 pieces in alternate keys.
-The 8 pieces from Oshu Kei and Echigo Myoan-ji Den and various variations of these pieces.
-The 36 Kinko Ryu pieces and 3 additional rare Kinko pieces.
-The 11 Seien Ryu.
-25 Myoan Shimpo Ryu pieces.
-About 10 Kyushu Kei pieces and a number of variations of these pieces.
-2 Ikkan Ryu pieces.
-The 3 pieces unique to Taizan Ryu, and a number of the pieces which came into Taizan Ryu from the repertoires listed above
-The Chikushinkai repertoire of 22 pieces, sometimes known by Watazumi‘s term ‘dokyoku‘, most of which is also included in different forms in the above repertoires.
-Various honkyoku composed since the dissolution of the Fuke sect, such as those composed by Miyagawa Nyozan, Takahashi Kuzan, Tsunoda Rogetsu and Jin Nyodo.
-A number of other pieces which have either unknown or diverse origins.