World-class shakuhachi by Justin Senryu

Senryu shakuhachi 1.7

1.7 made for shakuhachi master Furuya Teruo, with gold makie design ‘Kikaku’

Justin has been making shakuhachi since 2003. He was recognised as a Master Maker by Yokoyama Katsuya in 2007, who gave him the professional name Senryu (泉龍) which he stamps on his instruments. In 2008 he was also recognised by Araki Kodo V as a Master Maker for Araki-ha and presented with the prestigious hanko ‘Kodo Sen’ (古童選) which means ‘chosen by Kodo’.

As well as studying under the top contemporary makers, Justin has done extensive research into ancient making techniques. He has worked closely with Iwata Seien in crafting old style Seien-ryu shakuhachi, and traveled across Japan examining the finest Edo period instruments, and studying the playing techniques from each regional style. This is an essential aspect of the making process, as the maker must be able to play the music in order to craft the instruments properly for the music they will play.

While Justin spends about half of his time playing and performing the instruments he makes himself, the other half he spends playing on top quality Edo period instruments. The sound of modern shakuhachi is quite different – generally much louder, but with a very different tone colour. This deep familiarity with the great instruments of the past ensures a high standard for Justin’s older style jinashi shakuhachi.

Shakuhachi made by Justin Senryu

Various sizes and types of shakuhachi made by Justin, from size 1.3 to 3.2 shaku.